EVGA NVIDIA GTX1660 Ti 6GB Graphics Card Installation

Can I install the following the Recommended Graphics Cards ?

EVGA NVIDIA GTX1660 Ti 6GB Graphics Card XC ULTRA has one available 8-pin PCIe power dongle.

My420 (600W gold PS) has one 6 pin power dongle only (one instead of two after spec changed)

Can 6-pin power (600W gould) supply enough power on GPU(8-pin )

Can I found 6-pin to 8-pin cable in market?

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  • 高橋 真理 Yes, the GTX 1660 Ti will work fine with the 600W PSU.  You should be able to easily find a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter online.

    • Jbigticket23 Thank you  for your comments. 

  • A 600W PSU that doesn't have an 8 pin PCIE cable , has to be pathetic quality.

    •  Gorilla Warfare Yeah, it's not typical for a system of that age to include 8 pin gpu power.  In fact, they are just now starting to include 6/8pin gpu power adapters with current gen Dell and HP Workstations that have higher wattage power supplies. 


      Thankfully 6 pin to 8 pin adapters are easy to order online.

    • Jbigticket23

      True, it shouldn't have taken this long to improve the power delivery options in the power supplies on the prebuilts.

  • I use MODDIY for adapters due to the better quality and many options available.

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