Precision T3600 5 1/4 optical drives

Hello !

I have tried 3 different T3600s and none of the 3 would even boot with the 5 1/4 optical drives connected.  The only optical drives I could working other than the slimline dvd that came with it are usb 3.0 external optical drives.

I had also asked on the dell community precision workstation page but they banned me for not thinking the T3600 is a better machine than the T3500.  I asked how dell could make an computer which does not see 5 1/4 optical drives.  They got all upset saying nobody uses optical drives everybody uses thumb drives for everything.  When I stated only one of my friends uses thumb drives they banned me and like little children they are did not even send me an mail to say why.  They have done this to other posters that did not think the replacement model for a machine was better.

Nobody on the dell community precision workstation page responded to my question on how to get the T3600 to boot with an 5 1/4 optical drive installed , It was up about 10 days .

I still have not found anyone who has gotten a 5 1/4 optical drive to work in the T3600.

Anyone have any suggestions ?  And there is no perc card installed.  If the included dvd drive is disconnected on all 3 T3600s the machine will not post , until it is hooked back up.

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  • Looks like the T3600 was engineered to not use 5 1/4 optical drives.  Banned from dell community precision forum for not saying it is a great machine which it is not, doesn't do anything better than the T3500 which it replaced so I am told.

    Where I purchase my machines

    T3600-32g ram - 3.6 cpu - 635w ps --about 390.00

    T3500 - 3.46g 3690 cpu - 24g ram - orginal ps500+ --529.00
    T3500 - 3.46g 3690 cpu - 32g ram - orginal ps500+ --779.00

    T3500 - 3.46g 5690 cpu - 24g ram - orginal ps500+ --679.00
    T3500 - 3.46g 5690 cpu - 32g ram - orginal ps500+ --929.00

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