t7810 ram upgrade

I bought a 32 gb (2 x 16gb )kit from timetec

ddr4 2400mhz 

cl17 1.2v 2rx8



When I install the modules into slot 1 and 2 of my precision tower and boot up it flashes an orange light and I get no display .

I only have 1 Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 .

Currently running 16gb (4 x 4 gb 2133mhz ).

Is this memory not compatible or do I need a second cpu to run the 32gbs of ram?

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  • I think that the memory you bought is unbuffered memory (UDIMM).  The T7810 only supports registered memory (RDIMM).  The T7810 is supposed to support only RDIMM, not UDIMM (and also, not LRDIMM).   So no, the sticks you have won't work. 

    I think that 2 x 16 is better than 1 x 32, as this allows you to get dual memory channels.  Depending upon your CPU you could have single or dual or quad channels.  Type your CPU number (eg E5-2680 v4) and look for the intel ark (information) page.  There's a spec in their for number of memory channels.  I think you probably have quad channels, but check.    Depending upon your planned upgrades, you might even go 4 x 8 if your CPU supports quad channels. Might be good to get other folks to comment on this advice. I think it's right (theoretically) but I'd check. 

    But the UDIMM memory sticks will definitely not work.  The Wiz

  • Sorry, you listed your CPU.  That 2670 v3 CPU has four memory channels.  So I THINK that there might be some advantage to 4x8Gb.  (Can anyone confirm?).   DDR4 PC4-2133R ECC RDIMM single or dual rank is, I believe, what you want.

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