T5600 gpu upgrade fail

Hi team i apologise if this has been posted before but i couldnt find anything...anyhow i have a t5600 and have just replaced the quadro k4000 for a msi rtx 2060 oc and seem to be stuck in a boot loop...cant remember the exact chip i have off the top of my head as i cant access the info but its a single xenon 8 core cpu running at 2.7 with 64 gig of ram and 635 watt psu....on paper the specs well and truely meet power requirements but clearly not unless ive had a brain fart and overlooked something (very very likely 😁) any help would be very appreciated...thanks in advanced team!!!

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  • Is the RTX 2060 OC new or used?  Have you tried all the basic trouble shooting tips like double checking the input selection, make sure the connections are good, and trying another monitor with a higher max resolution?

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    • Jbigticket23 

    • Jbigticket23 yeah...card is brand new...checked all other connections etc...swapped out the 6 pin connector for an 8 pin (full replacement not just a 6-8 adaptor..i think i have solved the problem tho...i noticed in your guide that all reccomendations were with a 825w psu and im only running the 635...even tho the gpu says should be more than 500w i thought it should be fine but maybe not...cant seem to source a 825w unit here in NewZealand but just ordered one from ebay so will see what happens when and if that arrives!!!

    • Michael Kelly The 825W power supply will be nice, but it may not necessarily be causing the issue.  Can you describe the "loop" that it is stuck in?

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