Future Linux support in forums

As most of you already aware, Jbigticket23 mentioned possible server support here in the forums so that would also bring in Linux support questions.

While the forums started out as a means of using older hardware with the latest games, I can understand the need to expand so with server support that would also means Linux questions.

For those of you that are curious, I can try and offer some assistance in regards to Linux setups and in the future even FreeNAS. 

Bear in mind this post has nothing to do with migrating from Windows 11 to Linux. I know a lot of us here have old reliable hardware that may not run Windows 11 because of an, in my personal opinion, artificial hardware limit not unlike what Apple did with their original (and Windows 10/Linux capable) Mac Pros, but it don't mean you can't get help with your desktop related questions. 

What I'm saying is I will try and assist with any Linux related questions that you may have to the best of my ability.  No system be it Windows, Mac, or Linux is perfect, it's just always fall back on one's willingness to learn new habits and break old ones. 

With old servers at least, anyone can have a fresh start and use Linux, Windows Server, or the BSDs as they see fit. Desktops on the other hand, can be as personal and different as the clothes we wear.

If there's enough genuine interest in doing doing Linux desktop and/or gaming setups (servers are a given), I'll talk with Jbigticket23 about setting up separate forums for Linux desktop/gaming and FreeNAS users here.

Hope everyone enjoy the rest of their day!

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