Dell Precision T3600 can't install Windows 10 or 7

Hey there, I recently purchased a Dell Precision T3600, from PC parts and supply. It came with 16 gb of ram and 1TB HDD. I have spent several hours trying to figure out with every attempt to install windows just hangs with no error message. I've made a bootable cd from the windows website, when I try to boot from that, I just get the windows logo on a black screen and nothing happens. I've also tried doing a bootable usb drive, and that will briefly flash the same windows logo and then changes to a blinking cursor. On both processes I've allowed over 20 min to pass to ensure it's not just a timing issue. I have have also tried using only 1 RAM stick and I get the same results. I've seen this topic many times in other forums will no real solutions. Needless to say I'm completely frustrated. I've seen numerous people being able to do this and I'm not sure why this is happening. I've also tried various bio settings like legacy and UFFI modes and also disabled raid. Nothing seems to help. Before I have to box up the system to send back, any ideas what I could try?   

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  • Do you even get to the point where you can select a storage device to load the operating system to?

    • Jbigticket23 Nope if never goes that far. I can see the storage devices in the bios though. I've tried disconnecting all but one as well. I've even tried to forgo the SSD and tried the HDD the system came with, same result.

    • Chris Clark I’ve seen this issue before with many of the Dell an HP workstation models. 

      It normally ties back to the processor and memory.  Or in some cases a failed motherboard.


      Can you share what processor model and memory mfg that you have installed?

    • Jbigticket23 I've suspected the motherboard myself actually. The system came with an Xeon E5-1607 but I tried putting in the Xeon E5-1620 both V1. They both post or identify correctly in the bios. The memory that came with the system was Hynix ram 4 sticks at 4GB,(14900R) and I've tried swapping it for my samsung 10600R 1 stick. It posts with both and again same issue. 

    • Chris Clark I’d have the vendor swap out the system.  See if you can buy the replacement system preloaded with the OS.  

  • I have 2 T3600's and never had an issue installing windows.

  • Did you ever get this sorted?

    • Gorilla Warfare Yes this issues was solved by getting a replacement from PC Server and Parts. They had to send me 3 different units before getting one with the proper PCIE connectors and that would play well with Windows, but the step son is up and running games now. So victory!

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