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I just got a 5810 for a co worker to do video editing and thought I'd share. I'm not an IT pro or a gamer I just like computers and find it awesome you can pick up fairly strong optiplex and precision towers cheap. So t5810 with a 1650v3 cpu, 32GB ddr4 2133 memory 4x8GB, 685watt psu, 500GB wd m.2 sata boot drive, 1TB Intel 665p nvme editing drive, 2 seagate ironwolf 7200rpm 6TB drives in refs mirror for storage and a gtx 1650 super oc for hardware acceleration on video editing and converting. All this for roughly $1300. So I did some shopping around to find deals and obviously you can build something much stronger but I went on dells site and built a 5820 to the most similar specs I could at it was over 4 grand. Running benchmarks I was slightly upset with my sata ssd speeds and the nvme , didn't break 400MBps and 1600MBps but those won't hardly be noticed for what he's going to use it for. I'm thrilled with this system for the price and wish I got to keep it. I had to buy every component. Out of my own inventory I'm donating a display port cable and 1 sata cable so that price is accurate. All the editing software is installed to the nvme and when he transfers photos and videos off his sd cards they will go to that drive to be edited then transfered over to the storage space refs drive. Forgot I have a tplink wireless ac pcie card in there too. Still have more slots open if another m.2 card is needed for more space in the future. Only real negative to this whole thing is cpu temp. I swapped in the 1650v3 from a 2640v3 and the temps went up above 70c pretty fast. It seems that the Auto fan control doesn't step up until the system is too hot. Setting the minimum fan speed to 25 percent in bios solved this and it's not really noticable.

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  • I do have a question though. Maybe not for this build but now I'm interested. Dell limits the cpu voltage so it doesn't allow all core turbo. Using throttle stop a slight increase in the adaptive voltage this thing seems like it really wants to over clock. Stock cooler and fan step up lacking though and heat starts going up fast. I seen on one of the 7810 videos here that they used a 7910 liquid cooler. Would that not apply to this 5810 as well? I was running all cores at 4.2 but didn't like the heat. I really wouldn't mind building one of these for myself and seeing what I could get out of it. I'm going to run more test but I think I'm going to hand this one over at all core 4.0. I'm also investigating using both 8 pin cpu connectors on the PSU board to feed the one cpu connector on the motherboard to make better use out of the added rails on the bigger psu. That's probably stupid and not worth it though.

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  • Ok well I've played enough that I'd like to get another one of these things for myself. But 4.1ghz seems to be a thermal limit. Looking closer at the cpu location the 7920 liquid cooler won't work with the case cover on. It's not a matter of drilling holes because it's right under the latch handle. Something that got my interest though is the hp z820 liquid cooler. It stands upright at an angle for use with that extremely crazy hp fan assembly. But the cooler itself looks like it may fit but I'd love for someone to possibly post some dimensions. If that were used I can't see why you wouldn't be able to mount a cpu fan directly to it. Another option would be the t7810 2nd cpu heatsink assembly. Just a regular air cooler but bigger length wise. This looks like it would fit nicely in the t5810. Both of these heatsinks can be had for a reasonable price on eBay. Other than that I really think that this is a really badass system and it seems like it's the new cheap one to start hitting the market. 

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