Which workstation would be best to start with?

So, if you could choose which machine to start with which one would be the best?

I think most of us start with what we can get or what we are gifted, but if you had an assortment to pick from, which would be the "smart" one?  Older might mean less $$$ for parts and processors etc., but newer might mean a longer useful working life.

Maybe a list of the pros & cons of the various systems?

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  • starting with the HP Z420 for me is excellent, I'm still surprised by the speed with the SSD (I just need to improve the video card)

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  • Get idea, I was thinking the same.  What's the fastest benchmark of the upgraded PC's listed on this site?

  • Benchmark of what? The more money spent the faster it would be I suppose. Not really the point of much on this site though. On to the original topic though. I can't give a recommendation on what pc to buy but the game I've seen revolves around companies recycling.right now machines with Xeon v3 are the cheapest. V4 starting to fall down in price as well. You will pay less for something with a v3 than you will for a v2 right now. And for price vs performance I'd always go for that sweet spot. 4 to 5 years old. Best price and still great performance.

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