HP Z400 - cannot load Windows 10

I'm currently working on my Z400 upgrade.  I'm upgrading my cpu from W3565 to Xeon QC X5687 (waiting for delivery).  Upgrading to 700 Watt gpu (awaiting delivery and already received adapter cable for motherboard).  Upgrading to 6 X 4GB 12800E DDR3 memory (awaiting items from ebay).  I'm putting a GTX 970 I already have from another pc so I'm not ordering a new GPU until I get this up and running.  


The issue I'm having right now is that when I try to install Windows 10 from my usb installation drive, I'm receiving "Bad System Config Info" error.  I've run through this numerous times but I'm not finding a way around this.  Initially, I tried to run the upgrade through the Windows 7 UI, but i figured out that due to Windows 7 no longer being supported, it was failing the installation for the current windows 7 product key.  I then have been doing a full reinstall to load onto a new SSD but when it initiates the Windows 10 installation, I get an immediate error (blue screen) for bad system config.


I'm hoping this is something you've encountered or have heard of a solution as I've been searching through message boards and informational guides but have not found a solution as of yet.


Any assistance is appreciated.

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    • Gorilla Warfare   Thanks for the video but I've watched this and a number of others similar to it.  Correct me if I'm missing something, but this may work if my Windows 10 installation was completed and I am now troubleshooting the error upon boot into Windows 10 (but I'm not).  I'm getting this error immediately upon starting the installation (without the installation completing).  I select F9 upon starting my pc to go into boot selection.  I choose USB for my boot device (then press enter).  This then launches the Windows 10 installation.  I then see the installing files white line go across the screen, the Windows 10 logo shows up with the dotted circle showing it is working.  Then blue screen error. 

      I've never seen this before as I've completed numerous installations but this is the first time I've encountered this issue.  I've updated my bios to v3.61 so I'm not sure what could be causing this as there are no config files on the SSD that I'm trying to install to (especially since I haven't reached the point in the installation to select the disk to install to).

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