My Modded T3500 to T5500 system

Since this topic was left blank, I thought I'd add information about my personal system here!

I originally bought a Dell Precision T3500 (which for some reason I keep referring it to as a Dimension in discussions) that I gradually converted to a T5500. I'll try and be as accurate as possible with my system config:

  • A Dell Precision T5500 (formerly a T3500) that I did a motherboard swap (board # 0CRH6C A1 BIOS A18)
  • Dell 2nd CPU memory riser board F623F
  • Dell K054F Bracket for riser (T3500 originally did not come with the bracket)
  • Dual Xeon X5675 Processors running at 3.07Ghz with hyperthreading and NUMA enabled
  • 72GB of Registered ECC DDR3 running 1333Mhz (8GBx9)
  • Kentek ATX 1000w PSU
  • SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard Model 64145
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Ultra (6GB)
  • PDP Xbox One Wired Controller (black)
  • TP-Link Archer T6E AC-1300 Wireless dual band PCIe network card
  • Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse
  • BD-RE WH08LS20 Blu-Ray RW drive (Think I've only used it 10 times since I bought it)
  • Renesas uPD720201 USB 3.0 Host controller (does not require external power for ports)
  • Dell PERC H310 HV52W SAS RAID Controller (bootable from BIOS/supports both 6Gbps SAS and SATA drives)
  • GIGABYTE (brand) 240GB SSD [GP-GSTFS31240GNTD] configured as boot/OS
  • Hewlett Pakard MB4000FCZGL 4TB/7200RPM SAS HDD configured as storage
  • Cambridge Silicon USB Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle (mounted in internal USB port)
  • Samsung SE790C 3440x1440 34" curved monitor
  • ATX EPS 12V Splitter (female in X2 male out)
  • Operating System: OpenSuSE Linux Tumbleweed /w KDE 5.15, WINE 4.8/STEAM/PROTON/DXVK 1.1.1 (as of 5/15/19) for  Windows compatibility with most games that I have and a Windows 10 Virtual Machine for applications)

And that's my build!

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  • I forgot to add that I also have a Mac Pro (2006) with dual Xeon X5355 2.66Ghz processors, a 250GB Western Digital blue SSD and a original GTX Titan running Windows 10 (OSX no long runs/supported on the system and I already use Linux on my main system). I'll try and provide benchmarks and may plan on writing a tutorial on how to turn this Mac (and maybe others that are no longer supported by Apple) into a gaming system and how to install Windows 10 as well if there is interest.

    I'm also considering upgrading the CPUs to X5365 since the chips can be had for less than $15 each. 

  • stormson weathers nice T3500/T5500 rig!  What games do you play on this system?

    • Jbigticket23 Currently alternating between Elder Scrolls Online, DOOM, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ultra Street Fighter IV, ARMA 3, Saints Row IV and (from my avatar) Cuphead. Everything at max settings except for Rise of the Tomb Raider where I'm getting 58-60FPS on high settings at my monitor's resolution while it drops to 48-58fps on Ultra. I haven't tried normal 1440P nor 1080P since I got my 2060 and monitor. To be honest, I wasn't expecting  RotTR to be playable at that resolution without lowering my settings below the recommended, but color me surprised!

      As for tastes; I mostly focus on adventure, action, racing, RPG, and fighting games. I usually stay clear of competitive games like Fortnite and CS:GO since my hands are not as nimble as they used to be, but I'm eager to try Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice when time permits.

    • Jbigticket23 Here's a screencap from my desktop running DOOM at max settings @ 3440x1440

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