Dell Presicion T7600 and iommu support


   I have the above mentioned workstation and I like to know if it supports iommu or Intel VT-d equivalent and which bios feature proves that.

   Being trying to contact Dell but no lack since I cant find a support email. Anyone with the same pc knows that info? I am on A16 Bios Ver.


Ps Some interesting bios options I found in case they help are

Security->TPM Security (Trusted Module Platform)->Disabled
CPU XD Support (The operating system can use this feature to hinder software that exploits buffer overflows)->Enabled
Virtualization =>enabled
VT for Direct I/O->enabled
PCI MMIO Space Size->Large
PCI Bus Configuration->64 Pci Buses (Also has 128 and 256 to choose from


Thank you in advance

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  • Hello! I have Dell T7600 too.
    TMP is disable. Don't change it.

    What CPU you have?

    • uco73 Hello

         cpu is ok I have 2x2667 which supports both vt-x and vt-d. About the motherboard I dont know if it supports iommu or not

  • Based on a paragraph I ve read about c600 chipset (T7600 uses that)

       Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d) (Not available on HEDT SKU)The PCH provides hardware support for implementation of Intel® Virtualization Technology with Directed I/O (Intel® VT-d). Intel® VT-d consists of technology components that support the virtualization of platforms based on Intel® Architecture Processors. Intel® VT-d 5 technology enables multiple operating systems and applications to run in independent partitions. A partition behaves like a virtual machine (VM) and provides isolation and protection across partitions. Each partition is allocated its own subset of host physical memory.

    Latest bios seems to have that option for Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O which is the same as  vt-d (which is an extension of the vt-x) Then again it mentions Not available on HEDT SKU Is the Dell T7600 part of HEDT SKU.

       Few paragraphs below I am reading again

    Technologies supported—Intel® I/O Virtualization (VT-d) Support (SRV/WS SKUs Only) If WS stands for work station Dell T7600 is one.

      This again

    Throughout this document, the terms “Server/Workstation” and “Server/Workstation” Only” refer to information that is applicable only to the Intel® C602 Chipset, Intel®C602J Chipset, Intel® C604 Chipset, Intel® C606 Chipset, and Intel® C608 Chipset, unless specifically noted otherwise. Server/Workstation is abbreviated SRV/WS

      ...excludes c600 chipset


    And finally this. I think is too confusing all this info. Is the c600 chipset same as x79 and doesnt support vt-d (if yes then why in bios there is the VT for Direct I/O option avaliable) or is it different?

  • Your MBO support IOMMU. What problem you have? I have one E5-2690 and working perfect.

    • uco73 ok I wish it does just want to know by which bios feature you gain that info.


         Even though ram doesnt have to do with iommu support it has 65 gb of ddr3 registered memory. It had a quadro 2000 and added one more amd rx570 for vm pass through.

    • Jim Tsouris 64 ...65 was a typo error

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      • uco73
      • uco73
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jim Tsouris  Nvidia is Nvidia. Buy GTX 1060 6GB and enjoy. I have GTX 1080 Ti.

    • uco73 I lost you completely. What this has to do with iommu. In addition amd is way better in virtualization than nvidia. Are you familiar with the code error 43 (ok its resovable) but its absent in amd. so I fail to see the point of your answer here

      • uco73
      • uco73
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jim Tsouris Man, I already asked you what the problem was. Unless you find it difficult to describe in detail what problem you have.

      But try this:

      - open registry editor, type "regedit" in search box (without quotes)

      - navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and open it

      - open SYSTEM

      - CurrentControlSet

      - services

      - USBSTOR (just click on it, don't open)

      - on right side find ErrorControl and doble click on it

      - change value from 1 to 3

      - click OK

      - close regedit

      - go to C drive and open folder Windows

      - open System32

      - open DriverStore

      - open FileRepository

      - find folder usbstore.inf_amd64_neutral...........  and open it

      - select two files: usbstor.inf and usbstor.PNF and copy

      - back to folder Windows, find folder "inf" and open it

      - paste two files inside 

      - restart PC


    • uco73 Thank you for the guide.

        I didnt say I cant describe the error/probelm I am having I was just trying to find an info first.

         Main host is debian 10 and trying to create win10 VM and pass through a sata controller on which is the ssd and an amd  rx 570. I am subscribed in many forums as far as the thread gpu pass through concerns and nothing seems to work. I have multiple errors linux-based I  dont know if this is the right place to write it down

      • uco73
      • uco73
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jim Tsouris you must install SAS RAID C600 controller.

    • uco73 in order to achieve what...the ssd is on a pci controller ASMedia already. I am not trying to pass through the on board

  • How much RAM you have and which GPU?

  • Is your memory registered or not?

  • Do you have this driver installed?

    • uco73 Nope I dont even have win yet as a guest. The whole system hangs when trying to install them. Thats why I tried to find out about vt-d / iommu supportof the Dell workstation first place

      • uco73
      • uco73
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jim Tsouris you must install this. Which OS you have?

    • uco73 its a Debian 10 OS and with kvm hypervisor I want to pass through a second  ssd and a second gpu to the Virtual Windows 10 guest. I have done all the procedure with linux to enable virtualizationand each time I configure the VM and try to start in order to boot and install windows it hangs and freezes all the system. If I intall Windows with just virtual disk and simle graphics like standar microsoft vga adapter everything works like a charm. 

        That is why I asked here if someone tried to pass through a gpu or knows if there is support for c600 chipset for vt-d/iommu since these technologies are mandatory for Linux in order to pass through pci devices. 

        Also intel answered me and coudnt answer with a yes or no. They proposed to ask the vendor who as you know is Dell and Dell doesnt have a support email to write to. That is why I asked here as well

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