Dell t3500 with gtx 1660


I have dell t3500 and i will buy anew graphic card its gtx 1660 and I wonder if this card work or capable with this machine. 

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  • Hi there! The card is compatible with your machine, but you may experience some bottlenecks depending on your cpu.

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    • stormson weathers thanks man i have x5687 base 3.60gh

      At turbo 3.87 

      And on question did you see any one put this gpu at t3500? 

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    • Mohammd Hassan I'm using the RTX version (2060) in a T5500 (motherboard swapped T3500) with 2 x5675s. Since the 1660 is just a 2060 without the Tensor cores and with your CPU you should see some good framerates as well.

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    • stormson weathers Also, the T3500 and T5500 motherboards are functionally identical at the PCIe level.

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    • stormson weathers thanks man you helped me a lot 

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    • Mohammd Hassan Glad to help! 

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    • stormson weathers dear, I have t3500, I am facing memory issue.  I have been using 12gb rams on it for over  year, but now it gives DIMM errors on on random slots. I can only use single 2gb dimm now. anything above 2gb is locked as hardware reserved. I have tried installing various DIMMS in various slots. NO LUCK. Currently running 2gb DIMM. my PC is like SNAIL when doing graphic designing. I am a freelancer.  Please share some knowledge about fixing this issue. 

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    • Ashfaque Ahmed Ashfaque Ahmed it could be you may need to re-seat your cpu by removing and reinserting it. Sometimes that will cause the random memory errors since the memory controller is on the cpu itself.

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    • stormson weathers thnx. I have already tried reseating the cpu. I have read somewhere the bent pin under cpu might cause memory issues. But this memory issue appeared suddenly, when it was running fine. I don't remember that i had opened and removed cpu from its socket. But after reading about bent pins causing memory, i purposefully removed the processor to check if there were any bent pins, i found some 3-4 bent pins.


      I dont this this could be the issue. 

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    • Ashfaque Ahmed with bent socket pins you really can't take that chance, but the other solution would be to clean the contact points underneath the cpu. If oils and the like was on the contact points that will cause glitches over time.

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    • stormson weathers thanks, i will try cleaning it, and post updates

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