James Walker

Kingman, Arizona
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I’m a 72YO disabled Navy Vietnam vet on Pension. I have 2 HP Computers, z400, z440. With the z440 my main one. It is configured as follows: E5-1680v4, 96GB RAM, 3 x 500GB SSD, 2 x 16TB HDD, 1 x 12TB HDD, GTX 1060 3GB, Windows 10 1909, PrimoCache, PIA. I have it connected to a Samsung 75" Q90R and HW-Q90R soundbar. Guys, keep in mind that I’m old. I feel old. I start hurting within 5 minutes of getting up, but I’m not dead yet and the VA takes great care of me, so I piddle around, try to breathe on a regular basis, take a leak now and then and on occasion a solid bowl movement. All in all, I’m as happy as a tick on a Coon Hound!